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We build SEO-focused websites through state-of-the-art WordPress Designs

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Are You Ready To Grow Your Business Online With A Website Powered To Drive New Sales?

Your website is the first thing prospective customers see. Create a site that is original, fascinating, search engine friendly, functional, stimulates more interest in what you offer, and ultimately produces more leads and sales to your organization than ever before.

They will go to another website if yours is slow, unsightly, or outdated. Did you know that users decide on a website in under 50 milliseconds? Please don’t allow your website to be the one they leave. Allow us to assist you in ensuring that your website provides an experience that encourages people to return.

Web Design & Development Focused On What Matters Most: SALES

Getting people to visit your website is one thing, but converting that traffic into clients is an entirely different story. Simply driving through traffic is no longer sufficient.

We collaborate to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your visitors once they arrive at your website. We make sure that we not only show them to the door but also provide them with a rich and exciting experience on the other side.

Our persuasive, authoritative websites sell. And it’s not simply whatever they sell; it’s you. We direct your finest prospects to you and engage them in a high-quality, polished experience that inspires them to act.

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Mobile Device-Friendly Designs

Every year, the number of people who own a mobile device increases. Over 60% of your website’s visitors are currently using mobile devices. We optimize your site for mobile consumers since we understand how important it is to increase conversion rates. We give your users the greatest possible experience by optimizing for both desktop and mobile viewing.

Target Your Best Customers

The core of our strategy is taking your advertising budget and maximizing its return. To accomplish that, we create and manage campaigns on the platforms most suited to your goals.

Why Partner with A Bored Company?

When you work with A Bored Company, your new WordPress website will include the following benefits & features:

  • Lightning-Fast Websites. Slow websites are an annoyance. Literally, when we create your website, it will load in 2 – 3 seconds.
  • Responsive Web Design. Mobile use is increasing, and having a website that adjusts to all platforms is critical to winning over your audience. We promise that your site will respond to all platforms and provide a five-star experience to your clients.
  • Holistic Support And Services. Analytics, conversion optimization, and whatever else you require are all part of our service. We do not trick you with hidden fees. We offer free training to your personnel so that you have all the skills you need to implement minor adjustments on your own.
  • Outsanding Communication. We make sure to leave your website to its own devices. We design managed sites with 24/7 support, content changes via our secure content management system, and more. We become an essential partner in your company’s growth and success.
  • And more, much more…

The Best Websites in the Market

We offer a completely new user interface, compelling site copy, social network integration, premium speed optimization, mobile friendliness, and other features to help you take charge of your online presence.

We’ve assisted organizations of all sizes in revitalizing, reimagining, and redesigning their websites, and we’re now available to assist you. With our help, your website will transform into a potent lead-generation tool. What’s the best part? All you have to do is email us to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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Don’t Just Get In Front, Stay In Front of Your Audience with a Website Built By The Team at A Bored Company

A Bored Company is dedicated to getting our clients discovered, noticed, and chosen. We will be satisfied once you are.

You require the best-performing website possible, completely optimized across all platforms. We’re here to make that happen. A Bored Company will take your company to the next level.

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Can You Afford Not To Have Your Website Functioning Properly? In Today’s Fast-Paced World, You Have About Three Seconds To Make A Good First Impression, Or Your Potential Customers Are Gone.