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Wordpress Development

WordPress is a free and open source content management system that was launched as a blogging software in 2003. It is the first choice for bloggers worldwide, but its modernization and the availability of thousands of plugins have made it more CMS-like. It can also be used for designing websites. The software is free and simple to use and can be installed by individuals on their home computers to create simple websites. As of February 2017, WordPress was being used by 27.5% of the world’s top ten million websites.


Why Choose WordPress


Unlike Drupal, Joomla or Typo3, WordPress does not require PHP or HTML knowledge. It is the best choice for beginners as all you need to do is choose a plugin and template, and you’re ready to start. It has a large community of users and supporters that actively take part in its forums and discussion boards. These forums are useful for learning and finding solutions to any problems one might have related to the CMS software. It has numerous features and benefits.

What Will We Do For You?

Ready to Go
WordPress has many capabilities that are already built in and easy to integrate. Allowing for email subscriptions, comment options, and automatically adding newer posts to desired pages of your website, all such tasks are very simple to set up and perform. This help makes your website more dynamic and interactive as well as extend your company’s reach.
Plugins and Add-ons
WordPress has tens of thousands of plugins available in their directory. Most of these are free and those that aren’t are reasonably priced. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can also create your own plugins or seek the desired functions outside of WordPress. Perform a careful research when adding plugins from outside of WordPress.
Website Analytics
The freedom to use whichever type of third party integrations opens up doors to a wide number of possibilities. Implement analytics tools, advanced testing, and monitoring as much as you want. Google Analytics is important in this respect. It allows for you to track almost every aspect of how customers are interacting with your website.
Ecommerce Ready
WordPress lays no restrictions on its users. Thus, you are not bound to use their hosting platform. This provides countless money making opportunities for your site as well. Convert it into an online store, run ads, offer memberships, etc. Having your own E commerce website up and running has never been this easy.
Marketing Automation
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply connect your ecommerce store to MailChimp, constant contact, or our personal favorite Mautic an open source alterative? Now when you release a new product we have you covered. allowing for you to have an instant access to a segmented list of targeted customers that are already loyal to your brand.
CRM Integrations
Set clear and reachable ways for your customers to reach you. Make it enticing enough to attract customers into contacting you. If your contact information is not displayed visibly enough or users have to scour your website to find it you might end up losing the chance of a sale. Additionally, you can also display information like product reviews, FAQs, satisfied customers’ testimonials, etc.

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