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Taking Lead Generation Into Consideration For Web Design

No matter how good or successful your business or products are, if your website is not optimally designed for lead generation you will generate very few leads. Lead generation is not the end either. Just because a potential customer did not buy from you today does not mean that they will not do so in the future as well. Lead nurturing is also an important aspect that should be kept in mind while designing a website so that your leads just don’t stay leads but become loyal customers as well. Once a visitor is on your landing page, it is the web design of your site that determines whether this person will be encouraged and generate a lead for you or be put off and exit from your website. So how important is web design for a lead generation?


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Landing Page
The landing page is like the face of your website. It should be much like the rest of the website but simpler in design. Add a relevant image, a small amount of text in bullets, and a form that requires the least amount of information. Remove top navigation menus and other unnecessary material that may distract the viewer.
Page Layout
The layout is another important aspect of lead generation for you. The perfect layout channels your visitors into other areas of your website that may be the most helpful to them. Depending on the nature of your website and business, the layout can vary. There are some features that are constant throughout all the best lead generation layout designs.
Clear Call to Action
Have a clear message broadcasted to the user throughout your website. Every next page in the buyer’s journey through your website should contain a call for action, also helping them envision what the next step in their buying process will be. Include only as much graphics as necessary.
Customer Testimonials
Adding testimonial statements of satisfied customers alongside their pictures is a great marketing tool. However, you can do even better by including video messages on their behalf. These rich media versions of testimonials have a powerful impact on the customer and help generate trust as well as lending support to your offer.
Educate Potential Customers
Buyers are smarter today. Instead of believing what they are being told they like to make their own research to satisfy their doubts. Being open with your prospects and providing accurate and valuable information that helps them decide on their own is not only another important method of lead generation but also builds a loyal base of customers by promoting their trust in you.
A/B Testing
The same web design elements may not work for your unique situation. Before incorporating new lead generating design elements into the whole of your website it is important to test their effectiveness. A lead generation page is a great way to test design changes before applying them site wide.

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