SuiteCRM For E-Commerce

SuiteCRM For Ecommerce

SuiteCRM is a software fork of SugarCRM’s popular Customer Relationship Management Software. It has won the 2015 and 2016 awards for the best open source CRM. With more than 500,000 downloads, SuiteCRM has dispelled the myth that open source CRM’s are only successful for smaller businesses and enterprises. SuiteCRM is developed and maintained by a full-time development team at SalesAgility and contributed to by the large community of dedicated developers and supporters. Due to its offered functionalities, SuiteCRM has been quickly adopted by all sectors of the market. It’s increased functionality, as well as customizability, also make it a popular CRM tool for E-Commerce. It has a lot to promote in the following ways to users in this sector.


Data-driven Ecommerce


For E commerce, a CRM system utilizes all the data gathered through monitoring a customer’s activities. Not just customers but new visitors and people directed to an E commerce website through marketing efforts also generate data which enables a company or organization to interact with them on a more personal level through the use of a CRM software. Catering to thousands of customers’ and prospects’ individual needs would otherwise be impossible without a proper CRM system in place.

What Will We Do For You?

Tailored to Your Needs
You can build a good online store with any of the popular software available in the market but to effectively handle all your customers and cater to their needs at a micro level, you need a CRM. SuiteCRM is an open source CRM, which means that apart from its own features and benefits one can also alter its code to customize it to better-fit one’s personal business needs.
Reduce Cost
Commercial CRM vendors like SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics offer CRM solutions for a price. You have to avail their services by paying large licensing fees. This also makes you commit to the software for that time period. With SuiteCRM you don’t have to pay any licensing fee ever. You can use it for as long as you like and stop using without any obligations.
Countless Modules
SuiteCRM is an open source CRM with countless modules that enable you to have all information related to your customers, business, accounts, employees, etc. all in one place. You can further add to its functionality by integrating it with third party apps to provide a better experience for your customers as well as a better CRM experience for yourself.
Customer Retention
SuiteCRM can help automate tasks like updates on orders, marketing, emails, etc. Notifications about cart abandonment can help you reach your customer before it’s too late and take the necessary action to make them reconsider and perhaps even turn them into a buyer by offering discount coupons or other targeted offers. All this greatly improves customer loyalty and retention.

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