OroCRM For E-Commerce

Customer Relationship Management for Ecommerce

OroCRM is an open source Customer Relationship Management System. It is a very complete and comprehensive CRM tool that also provides you with very in-depth reports of your sales and customer’s behaviors. Its capabilities can be stretched further by integrating it with other third-party applications. OroCRM is a useful tool especially for E-Commerce websites which today need to provide more targeted marketing, offers, and products to turn prospects into customers. Its other drool-worthy features make it a must for the E-commerce sector. The rise in E-Commerce has made CRM solution providers offer more customizable solutions specifically for E-Commerce websites. This enables them to offer an improved experience for their customers to maintain an edge over their competitors. It has great benefits.


Data-driven Ecommerce


For E commerce, a CRM system utilizes all the data gathered through monitoring a customer’s activities. Not just customers but new visitors and people directed to an E commerce website through marketing efforts also generate data which enables a company or organization to interact with them on a more personal level through the use of a CRM software. Catering to thousands of customers’ and prospects’ individual needs would otherwise be impossible without a proper CRM system in place.

What Will We Do For You?

Real Time Customer Tracking
With OroCRM you can track all your customers in real time. It gives you the ability to see what they are searching, buying, and how much they are spending. Where other businesses use Google Analytics to access this information, OroCRM provides you with this information inside your virtual store. It gives you a 360 degrees view of your customers by capturing data from every customer interaction, including products they view, their response to emails, support tickets, and much more.
Visualization of Goals
Capturing a prospect’s interest, then nurturing it over time and providing the right targeted offers or benefits to convert them into a lead and then closing opportunities are important activities of productive sales or marketing teams. Leads and opportunities management tools in OroCRM help you collect information from all stages of the sales funnel process to help you visualize your sales and marketing goals and ensure that you stay on track.
Performance Dashboards
Configurable CRM dashboards allow you to view performance in sales and marketing sectors of your business as well as the success of your segmented campaigns, email marketing conversions, opportunity management and more. It gives you necessary and comprehensive insight into the performance of your business. Access reports about data from years ago to monitor past trends and make more effective decisions for the future.
Convert Visitors
According to Baymard, the average cart abandonment rate is 68.81%. People add items to their cart but forget to check out or change their mind for some reason. A smartly implemented CRM gives you access to such relevant information which enables you to take the required action before it’s too late and convert visitors into customers by responding effectively.
Contacts Management
Oro CRM’s comprehensive but easy to use interface allows you to manage your customers with complete control. View and manage all accounts, related information and customer interactions in one place. Not only this, but OroCRM also takes the task of syncing accounts and information across a variety of channels by updating customer profiles, merging accounts, and associating customer information through multiple channels so you don’t have to deal with duplicate information
Systems Integration
Instead of having useful information about analytics, email marketing system, E commerce dashboards, support tracking, and customer interaction spread across multiple channels and systems, why not have it all in one place? OroCRM provides all this and more by becoming the key system that has all these features. All this integration of data enables OroCRM to generate better and more effective reports and feedback which is vital in creating strategies and perfecting your E commerce business to maximize profits.

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