CRM for Ecommerce

Customer Relationship Management for Ecommerce

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a company’s approach to interacting and dealing with its existing and potential customers. Today E commerce is used by almost everyone. People prefer looking for desired services and products online from the comfort of their homes.

The rise in E commerce has made CRM solution providers offer more customizable solutions specifically for E commerce websites. This enables them to offer an improved experience for their customers to maintain an edge over their competitors. It has great benefits.


Data-driven Ecommerce


For E commerce, a CRM system utilizes all the data gathered through monitoring a customer’s activities. Not just customers but new visitors and people directed to an E commerce website through marketing efforts also generate data which enables a company or organization to interact with them on a more personal level through the use of a CRM software. Catering to thousands of customers’ and prospects’ individual needs would otherwise be impossible without a proper CRM system in place.

What Will We Do For You?

Customer Segmentation
You must have noticed while surfing the web or a social media site that you are presented with relevant ads based on your search history and sites you visited. Wouldn’t you want the same for your business? Segmentation allows you to view your customers in groups based on their gender, interests, search history and spending history, etc. Using this information, you can target each group with ads and offers specific to their interests and needs.
Ecommerce Analytics
It is never easy to view and analyze the payment data of an E commerce website using multiple payment methods. A CRM allows you to manage everything from invoicing and billing to payment failures. Advanced analytics in a CRM help you make meaningful decisions on metrics generated through your payment data. Recognizing your best revenue sources and highest value customers as well as other such beneficial details can better equip you to customize your services.
Reporting and Forecasting
Evaluating the effectiveness of existing processes in a company helps you decide on your future objectives and budget plans. A CRM software provides you with customizable reporting options that help show you which actions were successful and which weren’t. These reports help emphasize shortcomings and areas that need improvement as well as provide the base for Return on Investment (ROI) and revenue levels.
Convert Visitors
According to Baymard, the average cart abandonment rate is 68.81%. People add items to their cart but forget to check out or change their mind for some reason. A smartly implemented CRM gives you access to such relevant information which enables you to take the required action before it’s too late and convert visitors into customers by responding effectively.
Better Utilization of Time
Studies show that sales agents are only able to spend 11% of their time on active selling. The rest is wasted on problem-solving and administrative issues. A CRM perfectly customized for E commerce helps automate a number of self-service processes thus saving your agents’ time and allowing them to focus on their real job.
Systems Integration
Instead of having useful information about analytics, email marketing system, E commerce dashboards, support tracking, and customer interaction spread across multiple channels and systems, why not have it all in one place? Utilizing a CRM will allow for you to have everything in one system allowing for you make better decisions.

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